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A mutli-player, mutli-team, multi-round golf tournament web application with a dozen+ games and scoring options. Perfect for running your next golf outing. Built with React, NextJS, Zustand, MaterialUI, Express, Knex, and Postgres.

Fiso Golf DashboardFiso Golf Login


Complete Shopify frontend rebuild from Liquid templates to React/NextJS. Built with NextJS, Apollo/GraphQL, and TailwindCSS custom components.

Green Chef a HelloFresh Company

Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service that provides organic ingredients and easy recipes to cook healthy meals. Served as the Director of Engineering and Architect for the Green Chef platform.

RedJade Sensory Software

SaaS software that provides a platform for sensory professionals to create and manage sensory tests and data. Used by some of the most prominent companies in the food and beverage industry.

Solid Ratio App

Custom application providing insight into the combintation of Amazon and Shopify sales data. Built with Craco, ReactJS, MobX, NodeJS, Sequelize, Postgres, and AWS Lambda.

solid ratio dashboard