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What is it?

FISO Golf is a multi-player, multi-team, multi-round golf tournament web application with a dozen+ games and scoring options. Perfect for running your next golf outing.

Born out of the need for a better solution to run golf tournaments for my own personal use. The application is designed to support a variety of games and scoring options, including best ball, scramble, stableford, half-and-half, stroke-play and more. It also supports a variety of team formats, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and Ryder cup style events.

Using USGA GHIN handicaps, the application will automatically assign strokes to players based on their handicap and the course rating and slope. With linear or logarithmic scoring options, and the ability to adjust the value of each game, the application is flexible enough to support any type of team golf event.

FISO Golf Dashboard
FISO Golf Dashboard

What's in Store?

With plans to complete a mobile companion app, for live scoring and leaderboards, my goal is to release this as a paid service in the near future.


This application is built using React and NextJS as the front-end framework. The components are provided by MaterialUI. State management is handled by Zustand. The backend is a NodeJS application built with Express and Knex, using Postgres as the database. Hosting is provided by Vercel and AWS (ALB, ECS, RDS).

Additional libraries and tools used include:

  • hapi/joi
  • hapi/boom
  • axios
  • passport
  • jest
  • rosie
  • supertest